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Natalia Biasca-Shepler reviewed Gracie Bradenton
via Facebook

For being a woman 115 lbs , all the guys train with me and have amazing rounds , thank you so much for a great friendly place make my day awesome

Maria Beatriz Zamora-Levesque reviewed Gracie Bradenton
via Facebook

Great facility ran by one of the coolest dudes around. Sonny is always down to help everyone with not just technique but also with strategy (and the occasional joke). Make sure to follow their social media, as they bring some of the biggest names in the BJJ world to teach seminars in this location. If you are passionate about BJJ and would like to further your knowledge, you must check them out.

Paul Gaetano reviewed Gracie Bradenton
via Facebook

Just had a private lesson with Sonny. Been training on East Coast of Fl. for the last 6 months.
Here for 2 weeks and I wanted to get some BJJ time in so took a lessons from Sonny. Was a little aprehensive walking into a new place. After a brief meet and greet Sonny made me feel at home. All I can say is I learned so much in 1 hour that I was amazed! Im only a beginner, so just learning a few things to add to my game makes me feel more comfortable and confident. Small improvements in my BJJ means a lot to me! If your not comfortable you will loose interest. Every time you can add just one thing to your game you will be wanting to come back for more. If your a 60 year old beginner like me or just a beginner, don't hesitate to go to Sonny's Gracie BJJ!! BJJ will change your life! He's AWESOME!

Greg Besaw reviewed Gracie Bradenton
via Facebook

Awesome experience! I trained at the gym while on vacation. Sonny and his students where all great. Very inviting, didn't feel like an outsider at all. Had a great time rolling with very skilled grapplers. Looking forward to visiting again.

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Our latest news & thoughts

How your ego kills your training


Tapping out in the beginning of our jiu jitsu career is what makes us humble. Anyone who makes it to blue belt, the first adult belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, has tapped out a lot. They have felt what it’s like to try their hardest and fail over and over again.

So naturally, after you start to get a little gym status as a new, respectable blue belt, you might start to coordinate your rolling to avoid certain people and gravitate toward certain others. This is what will inevitably lead to giant gaps in your training. Whereas the student who always tries to roll with everyone in the gym will grow. Why? Because he is learning how to roll against all those different games rather than just play it safe by only rolling with the ones he knows he can win against or the ones he’s comfortable losing against.

If you get tapped out, so what? Hinging your happiness on who you tapped, got by tapped by or didn’t get tapped by is the best way to stifle your training end up driving yourself crazy. Taking this kind of anxiety into a roll can actually affect the outcome of the roll. While you’re sitting there worrying about doing badly, your anxiety transforms itself into a self-fulfilling prophecy and you actually do badly. Your mind should be in a relaxed state during a roll. The only way to achieve this is to follow these simple steps.

1. Roll with everyone
2. Accept the outcome as your training
3. Repeat

Seek out the beatings. Embrace the losses and learn from them. Don’t do favors for your ego because your ego will never do anything for you.